About Us

MCHC Power Solutions is an affiliate company created by two well-known electrical contractors, Mid-City Electric/Technologies and Hilscher-Clarke, which are both located here in Central and Northeast Ohio. Through our Mid-City and Hilscher-Clarke partnership known as MCHC, we have more than 150 years of combined commercial electrical construction experience, and share the same values of hard work, customer service, and above all else, doing the right thing. Because of our shared values, skills, and way of doing business, we saw an opportunity. That opportunity was to provide a more comprehensive set of services to our customers, together. As MCHC Power Solutions, we have fostered a specialty affiliate company that performs advanced electrical testing as well as specialty electrical services. These niche offerings will protect your commercial, industrial, institutional, or healthcare facility from system failure. There is no need to go to a third-party testing firm anymore for services like arc flash analysis, power quality metering, and system automation. Together, we do it all.

Our Services

Commissioning & Testing

We perform acceptance, maintenance, and commissioning of electrical equipment and cables, as well as arc flash and electrical coordination studies with implementation.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing services. These preventative maintenance techniques help us identify thermal deficiencies, overloaded circuits, poor and loose connections, unbalanced loads and feeders, and National Electric Code violations. Want to see a sample report? Ask us.

Power Quality Metering

We offer voltage and current diagnostics, power quality analysis, and high-voltage installations including pole lines and substations.


Automation is the nerve center of manufacturing and industrial processes. We service all automation needs, including stand-alone machines to large, integrated manufacturing lines. Want us to take a look at your system to see how our automation team can streamline your processes?  Let us know.


We have technicians who specialize in teledata system design and installation, including data centers. We can provide everything from cabling systems, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a cabling, fiber optic cabling, single mode, laser optimized multi-mode, and multi-mode, as well as outside plant cabling installation for trenching, boring, and backfilling.

Pole Line Construction

We perform overhead pole line construction and service, pole line design/build, and pole base installations. Our team services both medium and high voltage pole lines as well.

Our Philosophy

We can do the testing and the analysis, and you won’t need to wait weeks to get on our calendar. Our team is stacked and ready to diagnose the health of your electrical system and fix it on the spot.

Sean Shisler, Service Manager

The amount of knowledge that our team has really can’t be matched. You don’t need to call anyone else because we can take care of you from design, to install, to testing, to emergency service, to preventative maintenance. And we do it all with our own people, so you know exactly who is in your facility working on your equipment.

Jimmy Dew, Service Manager

Testing Benefits

Improve Safety

Identify risks before they turn into dangerous hazards and emergencies.

Minimize Unexpected Cost

Unexpected repairs and outages can cause tremendous cost for your company. You can mitigate your risk with preventative maintenance and testing though.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Testing can reduce unscheduled outages by identifying small problems before they become major issues.

Provide Equipment Inventory

Know the state of your equipment so you can plan ahead.

Improve Efficiency

Minimize disruptions to your equipment and employees and pinpoint areas where your system is wasting energy.

Maintain Compliance

While performing your tests, our team will also point out NEC code violations. If the situation allows, our electricians can repair these code violations on the spot.

Request a Training

Are you trying to train your facilities team about electrical safety, maintenance programs, or anything else that we might be able to help you with? Let us know. We can provide your group a presentation or training on a topic that fits your needs and our expertise.

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