One of the biggest causes of electrical failure can be fixed in just a few minutes.

While a thermal scan can catch a variety of issues related to your electrical equipment, poor connections are one of the most common inefficiencies isolated during this test.

A poor connection occurs when the connection itself is too tight, too loose, or deteriorating as a result of rust, and will cause the equipment to generate excess heat. Potential risks of poor connections include:

  • Deterioration of busses or terminals
  • Reduced or compromised insulation valves on conductors
  • Conductor failures
  • Unplanned outages

Infrared afterFor example, this piece of equipment shown to the left has a tight connection, which is causing a temperature rise on the breaker. That yellow-white color in the center of the image denotes heat, showing the electrician that there is potentially something wrong.


In this particular case, the electrician would clean, adjust, and lubricate the connections to alleviate the problem and eliminate that unwanted rise in temperature. We could do this in the middle of performing the thermal scan too, so it would be fixed immediately.

Without the thermal camera, the Owner may have left this issue uncorrected, which could have caused further damage or even equipment failure.

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