Our Services

Commissioning & Testing

We perform acceptance, maintenance, and commissioning of electrical equipment and cables, as well as arc flash and electrical coordination studies with implementation.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer infrared thermography and ultrasonic testing services. These preventative maintenance techniques help us identify thermal deficiencies, overloaded circuits, poor and loose connections, unbalanced loads and feeders, and National Electric Code violations. Want to see a sample report? Ask us.

Power Quality Metering

We offer voltage and current diagnostics, power quality analysis, and high-voltage installations including pole lines and substations.


Automation is the nerve center of manufacturing and industrial processes. We service all automation needs, including stand-alone machines to large, integrated manufacturing lines. Want us to take a look at your system to see how our automation team can streamline your processes?  Let us know.


We have technicians who specialize in teledata system design and installation, including data centers. We can provide everything from cabling systems, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a cabling, fiber optic cabling, single mode, laser optimized multi-mode, and multi-mode, as well as outside plant cabling installation for trenching, boring, and backfilling.

Pole Line Construction

We perform overhead pole line construction and service, pole line design/build, and pole base installations. Our team services both medium and high voltage pole lines as well.