Our Philosophy

Our team is engaged in every part of the testing process. Having electricians and engineers under the same roof provides our customers with the most comprehensive evaluation of their electrical equipment possible.

Brian Dew, Principal

We don’t just choose any technician to provide these services. These are our electrical ninjas. They are highly skilled and trained to perform these tests.

John Fether, Operations

We’re available anytime you need us. Call us at 2 a.m., and we will be there.

Tony Fay, Advanced Testing System Manager

The amount of knowledge that our team has really can’t be matched. You don’t need to call anyone else because we can take care of you from design, to install, to testing, to emergency service, to preventative maintenance. And we do it all with our own people, so you know exactly who is in your facility working on your equipment.

Jimmy Dew, Service Manager

We have near immediate response time. If there is something that you need, not only can we do it, but we will be there before anyone else because of our vast resources.

Bill Brethel, Operations

What we really offer you is peace of mind and a unique level of comfort you can’t find with other firms. We’re experts in advanced electrical testing, preventative maintenance, and specialized electrical services the way no one else is. We’re a facility manager’s go-to for all electrical needs. 

Scott Goodspeed, Principal

We can do the testing and the analysis, and you won’t need to wait weeks to get on our calendar. Our team is stacked and ready to diagnose the health of your electrical system and fix it on the spot.

Sean Shisler, Service Manager